If you’ll kindly excuse me, I’m running a little behind with this post on Toronto Women’s Fashion week. Sincerest apologies.

I’ve been insanely preoccupied with school.. work… bathing.
You know, mostly trying to fulfill the basic functions of life, all while parading in a pair of highly uncomfortable stiletto boots.

hard to be me

Luckily for me, in the world of Fashion, tardiness is perfectly acceptable. Shout out to Marilyn for waltzing in to one of her own rehearsals three days late. You go girl.


Anyways, please allow me to swoop in and share with you my tardy thoughts about the two shows I attended for this year’s Toronto Women’s Fashion Week (TW) at The Waterworks.



Toronto based fashion designer, Shelli Oh debuted, her F/W 2017 womenswear collection entitled “La Redécouverte” (The Rediscovery) at the first ever TW Fashion Week. As I watched an array of garments pass me by on the runway, I couldn’t help but get major renaissance vibes! Embellished with sculpted brocades, french lace and hand-sewn feather clusters in wool cashmere, the collection emitted a sense of luxurious femininity, elegance and romance.

The title also perfectly captured the essence of the collection where the designer revisited an iconic era rich in art, which she then transformed into her own modern expression, and delivered an arrangement of unique pieces adorned in hand made detail.

Photos by Che Rosales


As if one blast from the past wasn’t enough, Toronto designer David Dixon brought The SASS and the SAUCE with his 60s inspired F/W 2017 womenswear collection. From prints, to florals, to black on black numbers, David Dixon had me whispering YASSSS and snapping my fingers all throughout. The collection not only showcased an assortment of beautiful looks, but provided us with an empowering experience. The slicked back hair, oversized sun glasses and tasselled earrings channelled the most iconic women in history.
You know what they say:
“Dress like Jackie, act like Audrey and WERQQQ like Marilyn”.


Photos courtesy of Instagram

All in all, I had a boujee ol’ time.
Certainly, looking forward to next year.


If you’re going to have a cash bar… PLEASE have an ATM in the building! I had to walk 15 minutes to the nearest one. That’s 15 minutes out in the cold… That’s 15 minutes with NO beverage. Strictly unheard of.


Here are some pictures I took of the evening

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Ok, can we talk about Rihanna’s new Paper Mag Cover?!  GIVING ME LIFE.


On this blessed day, our girl Riri has graced us with a series of fresh and edgy style #GOALS for Paper Mag’s #BREAKTHERULES issue.

From spiky green hair to a sleek purple pony tail, Rih fails to disappoint. Styled by Shannon Stokes alongside Faren Fucci, Rih can be seen posing inside the Alphabet City and Deli Grill in NYC , sporting a variation of styles consistent of vibrant colours, futuristic over-the-top accessories, and a DGAF attitude.

Shirt by No. 21; Gloves by Acne Studios; Jewelry by My Enemy by Chris Habana x Shannon Strokes, Eyeglasses by Gentle Monster

The brilliant Paper mag team have managed to capture and amplify Rih’ essence by using inspiration from her blossoming acting career and robust transformation from a “good Girl gone Bad” to the “unapologetic” queen of R&B.  Get your copy hot off the presses on March 6th.

To view more photos of Rihanna serving bad betch realness, visit PAPER magazine.

H&M Finally Got the Memo!

H&M just announced the launch of its highly anticipated, and much needed, online store in Canada.

Now,  if you’re anything like me, you’re seriously lazy af. Honestly, who shops in stores anymore ? Think about it… Endlessly rummaging through racks of clothing only to find that ONE, YET DIRTY blouse only available in a size so small, that barely fits your arm… Not to mention the unbearable and irritatingly long wait lines; AND all that effort actually invested in taking clothes off and back on… NO THANKS. I’d rather shop from the comfort of my own home.


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Calling all socialites, artists, lovers and rebels! This year’s SFB theme was designed for you.  For those of you unaware of its significance, this charming event is held every year in hopes of raising money for the snowsuit fund. This year’s theme, “London Calling”, is sure to promise its guests the royal treatment.

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Hey Guys!
I do apologize for not posting lately. My full time job is literally  consuming all of my time and energy, so sadly I have little to no time to update my blog… BUT PLEASE DON’T LEAVE, I SWEAR I’LL CHANGE.



Along Came “Polette”: Eyewear Review + Giveaway

Alas, my search for the perfect pair of glasses has ended thanks to online optician and leader on the french market, POLETTE.

Gone are the days spent uncertain of what lays ahead of me; I could finally see!

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