Due to the constant bleaching of my hair in order to maintain its lovely shade of silver, the poor thing is borderline dead. RIP. Lately I’ve been looking for something that could turn my hay🐴 into “hayr” again.

Luckily, I may have found it.  Just last week I finally received my vegan friendly, Oh Hello Hair, Hydrating mask. What a gem!  It shipped out from Australia so it took a while to get to moi BUT, nonetheless, it’s here and it works. The product itself, I find, is more of a serum than a mask, however still effective. Being a natural combination of coconut oil, argon oil and almond oil, my hair smelt sweet!  The suggested application time is 30 minutes or more… But for maximum results, I left it in for about an hour. After my first use: instant results. Bride of Frankenstein no more!  Drying and styling my hair has also become much easier. Although it being very hydrating, it was still very soft on the root, which is good! The only issue I encountered was how watery the product was which made it was fairly easy to use in excess.     In regards to price, it cost me 20$ including the shipping, which I find reasonable considering it made my hair shinier, healthier and softer in no time! 💃 For more info click here!   

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