“She was blonde as hell, wearing a lot of black” -James Ellroy”


Happy Monday friends!
This weekend, I traveled back in time to the 1950s dressed in black! Organized by the Trinity Development Group, this year’s fundraiser, on behalf of the Snow Suit Fund, was truly a unique experience. Moments after walking into the Horticulture building, I was submerged into a whole new world. Such consideration was put into the decoration and furnishing of the venue, which indefinitely attributed this year’s noir inspired theme.

Flashy cocktails bars, antique furniture, as well as silent film playing in the background surely contributed to that retro feel which takes you back in time. In addition to the outstanding decor, guests were taken by the numerous performances throughout the night- my personal favorite being the charming wind-up doll.


I also need to share the fact that one of my favorite restaurants catered this event. Ace Mercado’s Chef, Trish Donaldson, did an amazing job designing this year’s appetizers! Edible lipstick and chocolate cigars… Need I say more?

As if that wasn’t enough, there was free chocolate and perfume if you happened to visit the little booths near the entrance. However, my gift bag by Rinaldo’s Hair salon was no doubt the cherry on top!


[All photos belong to StrictlyNadine unless otherwise stated] 

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