Salutations friends. 

It’s Friday!

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So let’s take a moment to step away from our mediocre lives and venture into avant-garde territory.

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The next set of images are an assortment of BTS photos showcasing the Interrobang team in action while shooting their Menswear line Déchets.

Rich in natural materials, the collection was a collaborative effort among 6 designers who were able to find inspiration through a combination of unique strengths and differences. The use of various meshes and PVC entrust the collection with a sense of ambiguity and intrigue. Conveniently, the company name Interrobang was influenced by the Interrobang (?) symbol, and is meant to represent surprise, as well as something questionable in nature. Déchets, which is french for garbage/waste, was meant to be a funny play on fashion… Hence, the title of this post.

Although this is strictly a menswear line, I wouldn’t mind sporting a few pieces myself… I was this close to having a photoshoot of my own!
But sadly that didn’t happen.

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Guess I’ll just have to admire these photos instead.

A big thank you to the Interrobang team for letting me sit in and be a part of your creative expression.

Interrobang is a men’s clothing company. The line Déchets will be presented for the S/S 2018 season featured in the Ryerson menswear Fashion Show.


Celia Lees
Brandon Degendorfer
Luke Severin
Melissa Cettina
Naomi Soeandy
Sharon Lee